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not an orange, but still full of pulp

just got back from my favourite used book store. . .went with the list i posted of hugo and nebula award winning books and got a bunch of the ones i did not have.
spent about $57 and left with 23 books.
ended up getting. . .
a time of changes - robert silverberg
dreamsnake - vonda n. mcintyre
the healer's war - elizabeth ann scarborough
the falling woman - pat murphy
stations of the tide - michael swanwick
the einstein intersection - samuel r. delany
lord of light - roger zelazny
no enemy but time - michael bishop
rendezvous with rama - arthur c. clark
moving mars - greg bear
rite of passage - alexei panshin
flowers for algernon - daniel keyes
babel-17 - samuel r. delany
timescape - gregory benford
way station - clifford d. simak
to your scattered bodies go - philip jose farmer
stand on zanzibar - john brunner
the moon and the sun - vonda n. mcintyre
the wanderer - fritz leiber

and two that were not hugo or nebula winning -
maze of death - philip k. dick
now wait for last year - philip k. dick

and two non fiction since i rarely read any non fiction

the western world and japan - g. b. sansom
strangers from a different shore - ronald takaki

i love new book day.

so. . .what are the rest of you reading currently? or recently purchased?
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